ABL Capital Campaign

The 90th Anniversary Capital Campaign seeks to enhance and revitalize the 800 block of MLK Jr. Drive and Joseph Lowery Blvd and comprises a portion of the corridor that we respectfully refer to as the “Heritage Trail”. The Trail is a vital one-mile stretch of territory that spans from Northside Drive to Booker T. Washington High School. This area celebrates the legacies of renowned leaders in Atlanta as evident in statues, building plaques, and other symbolic measures that line the corridor in tribute to them. The area also serves as a historic icon during the Civil Rights Movement. The Capital Campaign will include the renovation of the Ashby Street Theater and ABL Headquarters.
Why Renovate?

Enhanced Services: Our renovations will allow us to expand our programs and services, reaching even more Black business owners in need of our support.

Accessibility: Our new facilities will be fully accessible and will create an inclusive business environment for the entire community.

Safety and Sustainability: We’re investing in modern infrastructure to guarantee safety and environmental sustainability for current and future business owners and entrepreneurs.

The Impact of Your Support: Your support can be the cornerstone of this transformative journey!

Your generosity will:

Get Involved

Become a vital part of this exciting venture!

Here are ways that you can help:

Legacy Donor


Your donation includes support for the renovation projects and operations of ABL programs and services. You will be prominently recognized as a legacy donor on the exterior and interior of both buildings.  

Building Naming Donor


Your donation will include recognition at the entrance of a building that bears your name or the name of someone you wish to honor.

Wing Naming Donor


Your donation at this level will include your name in a hallway, wing, floor, or section of a building named after you or in honor of someone you designate. 

Room or Space Naming Donor


Your contribution at this level will include your name in a specific room, space, or area within a building named in your honor or in honor of a loved one. 

Plaque or Memorial Donor


Your donation at this level will include a plaque or memorial marker placed within a building to recognize your contribution. 

Brick or Paver Donor


Your donation at this level will include your name engraved on a brick or paver used in a walkway, patio, or courtyard associated with a building. 


Donations will be acknowledged during upcoming ABL events and in 90th-anniversary newsletters.